Answering Some Common Beard Grooming Queries

Beards are in trend for the last couple of years. People follow public icons sporting a beard very closely. Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Virat Kohli and George Clooney are some of the top names but as these celebs do not reveal the secret of their stylish beard the followers are always in a fix regarding their own beard grooming queries. To Help people with grooming issues, Gyan please is bringing this post covering the most common beard grooming queries posted by men on various forums.

Feel Sorted with these Beard Grooming Queries

Beard Grooming Queries-Gyan Please

How often should I wash my Beard?

Be cautious about over-washing! It leaves your scalp not only dry but also pumps oil out of it which is dangerous for the health of your beard. Still, you can wash every other day with water, but feel free to shampoo as infrequently as once a week. You can go by ‘Less is more’ pattern.

Which is better, a bar soap or shampoo?

In this case, Instead of the form go for substance. Be it a shampoo or soap you should be looking for a product with moisturizing ingredients like aloe, glycerin, and herbal oils. There are beard shampoos in the market catering specifically this need. You can give them a try after going through the reviews.

Why is Beard Oil Important?

It’s like a syrup for your Beard and nothing can replace it. Regular use of beard oil makes your beard thicker and shiny. It also gives them the desired scale of moisture thus avoiding the scope of dryness and infections. You can choose as per your own preference of quantity and fragrance.

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Is it necessary to Cuddle my Beard All the Time?

We would say- It’s totally your wish but still a regular training (not cuddling) gives the required downward shape and form to your beard (especially the mustache). A Regular rubdown with a comb or brush will not only wrangle the stubborn hairs but also train them to grow downwards. You can also make good use of styles.

How Often Should I Trim My beard?

It completely depends on the rate of your growth and it varies from person to person. On an average in order to have a good shape, you can trim your beard on a weekly basis or at least every tenth day. A perfectly groomed beard easily catches the eyeballs.

What Role does the food play in Beard Grooming?

Not only external but an Internal Nutrition is also must for a healthy beard. Try to add resources enriched with good fat and protein supplements. Essential vitamins and edibles like lean meats, nuts, egg yolks, milk, and plenty of leafy greens are highly recommended.

What are some other useful kinds of stuff that I should know about Beard Grooming?

Make good use of Beard Balm (Beard Wax or Creams) and apply it after the shower to fulfill the moisture requirement of your beard. Use Separate combs and brushes for your beard grooming (application of hair comb is not recommended). For people with over-sweating issues, regular washing and bi-weekly wash with shampoo are recommended as they need to put additional care.

We Hope the answers of these beard grooming queries will give you the required ease with your Beard Plans. Try using the natural products as long as you can as chemicals are toxic for your beard and body both.

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