18 Surprising FACTS About Ronaldo You Should Not Miss!

The FIFA fever is on and Football lovers are all busy with pouring love over their favorite teams and soccer stars. It would be not wrong to say CR7 a.k.a. Cristiano Ronaldo as the most worshipped player in the FIFA’18. He owns so many accolades which also includes the record of All-time leading International Goal Scorers Among Currently Active Players.

Today at Gyan Please, we are Presenting you some Crisp 18 Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo and Do tell us How Much of these you already know!

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Surprising Facts About Ronaldo

#1 Cristiano Ronaldo turned into the officially Most Googled Player on the Planet in 2012.

#2 The Portuguese Star was named after the American president Ronald Regan.

#3 Ronaldo’s first encounter with the soccer was through his dad, who at some point of time filled in as an equipment supervisor at a boy’s club.

#4 You’ll be amazed to know that it took a just three-day trial to persuade Sporting CP to admit him. Also, the Portuguese national made his debut with the Portugal powerhouse at 17 years old against Inter Milan.

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#5 Ronaldo scored a record of 42 Goals which helped him to gain the title of FIFA World Player of The Year Award in 2008.

#6 Ronaldo was nicknamed by kids at school ‘crybaby’ because of his over-expressive nature.

#7 He got kicked from school at 14 years old for tossing a seat at his instructor, who affronted him according to Ronaldo.

#8 Ronaldo marked to Manchester United in 2003 at the ripe age of just 18. He was the franchise’s first historically admitted player from Portugal. 

#9 Ronaldo is the player with the second most goals, scoring 15 in FIFA World Cup top goal scorers list who is just one Goal Behind Miroslav Klose with 16 Countings!

#10 The soccer player has an unfathomably noteworthy vertical, ready to reach around 78 cm off the ground which is even 7 cm higher than a regular NBA professional.

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#11 More than 80,000 individuals accumulated in Madrid to treasure a remarkable memory for Cristiano Ronaldo which stays to this date the most-went to one in world football. This introduction likewise broke a record beforehand held by Diego Maradona who pulled a crowd of 75,000 Napoli supporters and fans in the year 1984.

#12 Ronaldo has a fashion boutique, CR7 based out of the place where he grew up, Madeira, Portugal.

#13 Ronaldo was once requested to give his shirt and shoes available to be purchased with the objective that the family of young cancer-stricken lads could fund-raise for the treatment. But Ronaldo surprised everyone with his move. Ronaldo himself paid for the treatment. Additionally, he still sends his full kit to the kids to keep as a trinket.

#14 Cristiano Ronaldo does not drink liquor or smokes cigarettes inferable from his late Alcoholic Father. Furthermore, he doesn’t have any tattoos on his body as he gives his blood consistently.

#15 Ronaldo’s Jersey which reads CR7 is a mix of his initials and shirt number.

Image Credits: www.elo7.com.br

#16 Over his vocation, Ronaldo has scored a goal in each minute of the One and a half hour soccer match.

#17 The speed of Ronaldo’s free kick is an astounding 130km/hour (which is 31.1m/second).

#18 The Portuguese striker is a magnanimous man, an incredible benefactor, and the community trailblazer. He frequently gives money through his individual demonstrations of kind-heartedness which stand out as truly newsworthy on customary premise also.


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