These Two Important Factors are Destroying Your Fitness!

The fast-food and Lifestyle are two major sources today ruining the health of people. The sitting job doesn’t allow people to pay attention to their fitness and health. At the fast-food makes the situation even worse for those who can pay heed to their fitness 24 hours. The youth today who should be fit and full of energy lies dull and lazy at home. Where this is a growing cause of worry for moms across the world at the same time fitness and health issues are helping the healthcare business to flourish at full swing. This Blog of Gyan Please addresses these two important issues and puts the best cards out to tackle them.

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Fitness and Lifestyle

You may be surprised to know but with a slight change in your lifestyle, you can say goodbye to a lot of Lifestyle diseases. Today almost every person above the age of 40 is suffering from either diabetes or cardiac issues. In fact, these issues are labeled under common lifestyle disease. Reports suggest that,

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes now account for 90 per cent of  deaths each year in the UK.

Not only this, loosely taken fitness issues have aggressively started taking tall on human lives. As per Katie Dain, of the NCD Alliance “Many of these countries are going through significant demographic shifts, including rapid urbanization and a nutrition transition,”

Lifestyle and Fitness- Gyan Please

This picture clearly shows how the transition in chronic disease in low-income level countries while the High-Income countries have managed it to somehow maintain at the consistent (high) levels.

How are you Dealing with your Fitness Problems?

People either have work or excuses to get bad in shape. Though fitness apps like Cult are bringing a positive change for working professional by attaining their fitness goals in a fun-filled manner. But here is it is important to understand there is nothing like fitness girls or boys as it’s not gender or age-specific. To proceed further first, you should be clear in your mind where actually you are currently standing. You need to find first where do you stand!

  1. I’m thinking.
  2. I am taking action.
  3. I ‘m already changing things for good.
  4. I am maintaining a routine

Most of the readers will find themselves in the first two categories as it is pretty hard to come out of your comfort zone. If you are in the 3rd category we really want to congratulate you but at the same time, you should be careful as consistency will lead you to better results. Also, shifting from the third to the fourth category is a daunting task so staying motivated is pretty vital here. Now come the fourth category and all those lying in this zone are really on the track of great fitness in upcoming years.

There is a very famous fitness motivation quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger-

Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.

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There is also a fifth category- ‘I don’t have time’

A lot of readers will be a proud member of this coveted ‘Excuse lobby’ and they are professionals in most of the cases. Apart from offices, this tendency is also seen in women in their 40+ or so. Contrary to the popular belief fitness is a way of life and is not limited to fitness model men or women. Excuses will always be there but you are unknowingly making irreparable damage to your fitness and health. And for all those lazy butts, we have few suggestions to advance that may bring positive changes in their lives.

  1. Walk As much as you can on a regular basis
  2. Take Short Breaks during Working Sessions
  3. Take the Stairs if you have enough time.
  4. Do Cycling or running at least Twice in a Week.
  5. Try playing with kids or pets whenever you get a chance
  6. Try short sessions of  Yoga, Meditation and Body Weight Workout

Office and Yoga- Gyan Please

If you have already made up your mind then believe us nothing can stop you from improving your fitness. All you need is a Good Reason to continue and perseverance and consistency will push you forward.

Get up and visit the nearest fitness Centre today!

Food and Fitness 

If we are talking about bad health and poor fitness levels then Food is one such topic which can not be ignored in any case. Food is directly linked to your complete level of fitness and health. From Sleeping habits to obesity (and sometimes even some fatal disease) what you eat has a major say in your overall fitness goals. Fast food brings lifestyle disease like obesity, fatty liver, and diabetes whereas overeating leads to chronic liver and intestine issues.

Fitness 24 Hours -Gyan Please

So, Should one stop eating Fast Food?

No, absolutely not but one can definitely find better alternatives. Overeating at office party or friend’s wedding can create problems for you. So, keep things always in check while you are eating. You can check these not so painful options-

  1. Cut down your Fast food Intake
  2. Reduce the Consumption Frequency
  3. Try balancing your fast food diet with Nutritious & Clean foods
  4. Reduce your Portion Size
  5. Eat Less and More Frequently
  6. Drink Plenty of Water
  7. Reduce Your fried food consumption especially items like fries and meat.
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It’s not tough at all as you are not going to deprive yourself of the food you love but reducing portions will start reducing your strong cravings for fast food. Every single day counts as Rome was not Build in a single day. Once you master your cravings now put your binge into periodic manner. There are great chances you will start developing a resistance on your own because of the energy and proactive level of fitness 24 hours. Start taking baby steps, be patient and let your body do the magic for you.

Let the excuses not kill yourself!


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