7 Times When Floods in India Devastated the States

Kerala Flood is the deadliest flood in Kerala in last hundred years’ history of the state and by the time this post is being written the death count has already surpassed the 300 mark (making it already the Fifth biggest in the country) and leaving more than 2 lakh people in the shelter of Relief Camps. Ironically Kerala is not the first state that is facing this deadly problem as floods in India is a serious problem for ages. This post of Gyan please covers some of the worst natural hydrological calamities that derailed the lives of people residing in India.

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7 Times When Floods in India Devastated the States- Gyan Please


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7 Floods in India causing most Casualties (Apart from Deadly Kerala Flood)

Maharashtra Floods (2005)


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” City that Never Stops” is said about Mumbai but in 2005 a time came which left Mumbai Standstill. Regarded as the deadliest flood of the country the 2005 Floods of Maharashtra took away lives of more than 5000 people. Bollywood film named ‘Tum Mile’ with Imran Hashmi and Sha Ali Khan in lead Roles was based on Maharashtra calamity. Traffic snarls ruined the situation even more for inhabitants.

Uttarakhand Floods (2013)
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2013 was the year that shook the state of Uttarakhand to the Core. Around 10 districts of Uttarakhand got huge Mudslides and torrential downpour, which caused flash floods in the entire region. The Kedarnath Temple (one of the famous Indian temples of Lord Shiva) was devastated which left at least 1000 people died. Cloudbursts, Land Sliding turned the Ganges into a punisher destroying houses and constructions along the bank. It was the second most deadly flood in the country.

Bihar Flood (2008)

In the year 2008, the water became the devil as rainfall converted into the bloodbath. Regarded as one of the most disastrous floods in the history of Bihar, this affected over 2.3 million people and got at least 450 people in its death trap as per official records. The situation was worsened with the River Kosi (also known as Sorrow of Bihar). It is one of the worst natural disaster and a disastrous flood in the living memory of the state of Bihar.

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Ladakh Floods (2010)

6 August was the Day when floods in Ladakh left the whole region entangled in the water trap. Overwhelming precipitation and series of cloudbursts throughout the day and night activated mudslides and flow of debris which caused disrupted transport and communication systems.. This incident covered most of the part of Ladakh which destroyed no less than 71 towns and villages in Leh alone and at the cost of lives of at least 300 people.

Jammu & Kashmir Flood (2014)

It is considered as the most noticeably appalling floods in J&K (caused by heavy precipitation) since 1892. This incident additionally brought desolation in some of the regions either side of the Pir Panjal mountain stretches. Calamity in the year 2014 left around 200 people dead and more than 300 villages submerged in the valley.

Assam flood (1998)

1998 Floods of Assam is viewed as one of the most awful calamities to have hit the state after independence. The rainfall influenced all the 21 locales in the state. Annihilation was gigantic as the flood additionally harmed around 10 lakh hectares of irrigated area. Aside from that, it washed away or harmed 30,900 houses and mass murder of 156 individuals.

Gujarat Flood (2005)

Who doesn’t love the rains but when it comes in the form of death it truly becomes a nightmare. In 2005 the same had happened in Gujrat. The Gujarat flood was caused by the heavy monsoon in June affecting many parts of the state. The ravaged areas include the central and south Gujarat and parts of Saurashtra and the worst-hit city was Vadodara. The death toll was about 123 people statewide and more than 2.5 Million evacuated.

Note: Please Come Forward and Donate to the Flood Survivors as per your will!

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