The Growing Human Dependability on Artificial Intelligence

Technology is notoriously famed for making humans lazy and with the innovations like Alexa and Google Home, we are rapidly increasing human dependability on Artificial Intelligence. Various researches and recent reports have already confirmed the growing human interaction with smart devices. It won’t be wrong to say that today Google knows about us more than our parents and partner. Scientists and tech giants look at Artificial Intelligence as the future of humanity. It was designed to augment human at the workplace but it has gone too far already. With this post of Gyan Please we will be discussing why we should make an optimum use of AI enabled tech and devices!

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Humanoids: Closest Neighbors of Human Today

The World got stunned when Hong Kong Based Hanson Robotics unveiled the first Social Humanoid ‘Sophia’ at Southwest Festival in mid-March 2016 in the United States. Unlike its predecessors, it was comparable to us in a larger degree. It expressed emotions, had an artificial skin and also made an appearance like a women figure. the company got all the praise from around the world. Though it’s not a big deal that in the next decade a perfectly designed humanoid is attending a conference or shopping at the market by our side and shout at the shopkeeper just like us.

Artificial Intelligence and the Fear of Stephen Hawkings

Late Astrophysics great Dr. Stephen Hawkins had some serious fears regarding Artificial Intelligence and it’s future. His fear was on the same lines that popular 2003 Hollywood Flick Terminator 3: Rise of Machines depicted. In an interview with Wired magazine, he said “I fear that AI may replace humans altogether,”

He expressed his deep concerns in this regard. He said somebody will create an AI system that will keep on evolving itself and one day surpass humans. It made him believe that the result of this evolution will be a “new form” of life which will replace humans being superior species.

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Will Really AI overtake Humans?

Why is the dependability on Artificial Intelligence worrisome?

Hollywood Movie directors are considered visionary owing to their hypothesis friendly approach. This helps them to create animated, superficial and Sci-Fi masterpieces like Avengers, Interstellar, Annihilation to name a few. But we get really surprised when this hypothesis meets our world in real. In 2015 blockbuster Avengers: The Age of Ultron we saw how the AI assistant created a tech borne disaster for the world but this fiction was outnumbered by a real-world incident in 2017.

Excess of anything is bad and eventually, it became true. In 2017, a rumor surfaced that Facebook abandoned an experiment after two AI programs found chatting in a strange language. Later Mark Zuckerberg owned company dramatically confirmed it.

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The Road to Future: A Balanced Approach

Recently the tech giants like Google and Microsoft took a pledge by not lending their advanced technology for any AI based weaponry or high tech arms and ammunition development. This act does not only prove their responsibility towards a safe future but also present an example for other companies working on the same lines. Buying AI enabled weapons system is no big deal for the terrorist groups. So, altogether ‘NO Development’ in the related field is the only way to stop a future havoc.

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