Meet Abbas Baig, A Photographer Who Ditched His Engineering Degree to Create Masterpieces

We would love to inaugurate our ‘Stories Box Section’ with Mr. Abbas Baig. Abbas is an old companion and at present one of the India’s finest young shutterbug. His work yells out photojournalism. He is unquestionably one of a modest bunch of India’s fresh photography talent, taking visual art to an unheard of level. This interview is filled with data and awesome imaginings.

Abbas Baig

In words of Abbas,

Art is so much deep, and it has an ocean of ideas. If you are capable and have true passion then you can literally amaze this world with your work. All You have to do is to simply discover yourself.

Gyan please is opening up this ‘Already Uncovered Story’ of Abbas’ love towards his passion in the more detailed manner since It’s exceptionally energizing when your beloved artist opens up bit more about him or her. Abbas has as of now been a fundamental subject of some prestigious Interview posts in the past yet on a special demand he is prepared to share some more bits of insights about him in this E-Mail Interview.

Okay, Now Let’s begin the Interview.

Hello there Abbas,

Where are you from?

My Roots are in a small town of Uttar Pradesh named Sankhni in Bulandshahar district but since my teenage, I am living in Delhi only.

Did you go to college to study photography?

Yes, I did. Right after my engineering degree, I enrolled in a Photography Course from Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi. A formal training was pretty important for me to acquire and hone the necessary skills.

Who or what kicked you off in photography? When it actually started?

Since my childhood, I used to be a literature loving chap. Reading Urdu poetry and sometimes also writing some, used to be my favorite pastime. As I grew up I developed a completely different perspective towards this world and writing was the best medium to express this uncommon perspective. Only After hitting by adolescence I started to think seriously about delving into some other means that enable me to shape my judgments better. After exploring a bit, I found a partner to romance with and it was definitely not a female figure but filming things.

I still remember the time when I was doing my summer training in Wazirabad Delhi. It was a construction site, situated near the bank of Yamuna River. I know my family is going to scold me after reading this but instead of learning any construction skills, I clicked pictures of boats, the river and site workers there. I guess It was the time when I really decided to go with photography (partially or fully) after my engineering.

Yamuna Series 2 Yamuna Series 2

Did you follow any website or blog?

Yes, I literally study anything and everything available related to photography. There are some really good Shutterbugs whom I took inspirations from when I came into photography, but at the same time, it’s also true that I never restricted myself to a single person or website. I keep on learning from every single source which even slightly improved my skills.

What was the reason behind betraying your Engineering Degree?

As I already explained in the very first answer, I always used to be a non-technical guy. Even during my engineering days, I was more inclined towards theoretical subjects. I can’t say surely that I opted for engineering and not but one thing that I am sure about is, I didn’t have the courage to raise my voice against family when they sent me as in those times teenagers are barely capable of putting their thoughts before parents.

How might you depict your style?

As I earlier said I didn’t curb myself to a particular stuff in anything. Photography is all about freedom. I always try to connect elements and portray emotions through my photographs, whether it’s a non-living entity or living one.

Holi Series 1 Holi Series 2

Where do you get ideas from?

Of course, from the people and our surroundings, we come across in our day to day lives. In fact, this entire environment gives me ideas to click. A photographer with a right perspective can create a powerful photograph from almost nothing. This is the reason I always admire street genre of photography.

Random Captures

Do you have some recent pictures you can impart to us?

Recently I worked on my Ramadan series, which was done in Jama masjid, I worked on this series for whole 1 month of Ramadan. For the Ramadan series, I used to visit Jama Masjid in 2 or 3 times in a week and the best thing was I was also offering fast in that time. It was beautiful experience shooting those spiritual moments of devotees when you’re also one of them.

I will surely show you some. Hope you too find them worthy Enough

” A run towards the God “ Happiness Sajda – The very crucial part of Islam and Salah (Namaz)
Sajdah refers to complete surrender or submission towards Allah Conversations Collecting Ramadan memories – A group of young girls clicking selfie after evening prayers Devotees – People gather to break their fast inside the mosque just before evening prayers Ruku – The very first step to getting bowed down in front of one and the only Almighty while offering Salah Little Devotees Alwida Juma – A blue hour scene of Jama Masjid on last day of Ramadan. Ramadan Happenings Inside the Mosque वापसी – Devotees returning back to their places after offering evening prayers at Jama Masjid.

How long have you been a photographer?

Professionally only after the course, I took but If you ask me about when did I come into photography, then it’s been almost 4 years. In the very first year, I barely did any commercial work as I was in a pretty nascent stage.

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What kind of cameras do you shoot with?

Most of the times I shoot with Canon 70D but for bigger needs like commercial projects, I upgrade my equipment accordingly.

What is your most loved photography enhancement, other than your camera?

Basically Books, it enhanced my knowledge for learning photography in a very fine way.

If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and the reason behind?

See, the choice of lenses totally depends on the Genre you’re working for. Although most of the times I shoot streets with my Canon 18-135 mm but it changes with the type of work.

What is your favorite computer/editing accessory, other than your PC?

To be honest, I’m not so much good in post processing, I’m enhancing my skills in this. I work on my Dell i3 laptop for processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Do you plan on buying any new gear and if so what are they?

Everyone does and so do I!
For now, I’m planning to buy a decent quality wide lens for the purpose of landscape and Astro-photography.

What’s the best and worst part(s) of being a photographer?

Best part – I’m satisfied initially.

Worst part – The Society we live in, don’t consider us ‘That worthy’

What are the Awards and Recognitions you gladly stroll with?

Every artist is hungry for recognition and appreciation and so am I. I’ve won several contests and featured in various reputed Magazines and photography journals like Asian Photography, Inspiro India, Chiiz and also in some other renowned digital media platforms.

Recently I won the first prize in the Street Photography Competition organized by Photofie.

What photographic associations do you belong to?

I’m one of the mentor of a photography organization named DSLR (Digital Showcase of Lens Riders) which is India’s one of the finest group of photographers. Also, I’m the only proud Indian mentor of an International group named URBAN STREET PHOTOGRAPHY.

What has been your most memorable assignment (paid/unpaid) till date and why?

There are two photography series I love the most. First one is “Republic Day Parade Rehearsal “and another one is “Jama Masjid in Ramadan “. Surprisingly both of them are unpaid assignments but these two are very much close to my heart because for both series I worked really hard.

For Parade series, I used to wake up at 5 and reaching at Raj path nearly 6 or 6.30 in Delhi’s child winter. I did this almost for 15 days. Have a look at some of them

Caravan The Soldier Command Caravan- Indian Soldiers Rehearsing in a foggy morning.

I would also like to mention an additional work of mine, ‘Taj Series’ that I find worth sharing

Men At Work A Walk Heavenly Taj Recitation – Picture was shot at Yamuna Bank of Agra just after the sunrise.. the mist over the Yamuna was giving a dramatic silhouette effect to Taj..i was shooting Taj and curiously waiting for a human element to add in frame so that I could make a story, after a while I saw this guy crossing the Yamuna river from Taj’s side, he was much distance away from the range of my lens so I took steps towards him and noticed him..Don’t know what was he holding in his hands but when I shot the picture it was looking like he is reciting something by watching the thing holding in his hands.. It looks like one lone person visiting the ” Symbol of Love” and reciting his grief and pain which he got through separation. A Lonely Bird

How important is Photoshop in your final images?

According to me, post processing (PP) is also a part of photography. But it depends on how much amount of PP you’re putting into your images. A wise PP makes a photograph more appealing, but yes, I’m always against so much PP work or manipulation in images.

After all, the most important thing is your story and composition of the photograph, if it doesn’t have a story then no matter how much PP you apply, it will look only eye pleasing but not powerful.

As I’m not so good in Post processing so I try to process my photographs in a small batch.

In the event that you could make a photoshoot with somebody who might it be and why?

I don’t have even a bit interest in fashion or in any similar vertical. So really, I can’t say but if you ask me about the dream genres that I’d love to shoot then it’s definitely African tribal people. I don’t know the reason behind but it’s really fascinating for me.

Something you’re saving up for?

Yes, there are certain things I’m trying to save for but at the same time I really suck at saving money (tried a lot but only ended up in failures)

The hardest aspect of your work?

Gaining respect from the Typical Indian Society and of course buying desirable gears (which are very much expensive)

What desire(s) have you not yet accomplished?

I have no as such Desire as of yet. Although there was a time when there used to be many but with time things, longings and requirements change and I was nothing different. I can safely say, I am least interested in materialistic possessions now until and unless it’s not a necessity.

Now I’m satisfied with what I’m doing and only pray to Allah for some

quality work and a better future.

What is your most loved picture you have shot as of late? (If you please don’t mind we would love to see the image)

Yes, there is a picture of a kid and his father which I clicked just after buying my first camera on the occasion of Alwida Juma at Firoz Shah fort Delhi. This picture portrays spirituality of Ramadan and most importantly an emotional relation between a father and child.

father and son

It is very close to me because it reminds me the bond me and my father and he means the world to me.

The first photographer that bells in your mind and why? (obviously someone other than you

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