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It may be a coincidence too but it seems like people with a name of Yuvraj Singh are ‘Born Fighters’. We all know about the Braveheart Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh who defeated Cancer to make a come back in Team India but we are bringing you a story of another Yuvraj Singh who is going to light up all the darkness of your mind with the sheer amount of motivation.
For Us, This inspiring story is one of the best sources of burning Motivation for the Year 2018!

Through this Interview, Gyan Please is blessed to spread the positivity of Mr. Yuvraj to us and others.

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We Would Love to know About YUVRAJ! Can you offer some sneak peek?

Well, I was born and brought up in Lucknow. I completed my schooling at La Martiniere College, Lucknow, then did B.Tech in Computer Science. At present, I am working for Bank of Baroda.

I was and still am a big foodie; especially when it comes to typical Lucknowie kebab parathas and biryani. Besides food, I am also a fan of sports – Manchester United in football and Michael Schumacher and Ferrari in Formula 1. Therefore, it would be appropriate to define me as a ‘Lover of food and sports’.

Gyan Please Interviews- Yuvraj Singh

How did it happen? Were there any accidents involved?

There was no trigger to the event; it was a sudden activation of an unknown pre-condition in the body which one day led to my right leg becoming dysfunctional from just above the knee with no prior warning or accident.

Undeniably it must be a painful news for you and your family but how did you deal with this trauma is the Real Stuff and we would love to know about your battle?

Well, yes it was shocking for the family but to be very honest, I almost had no reaction on hearing about it for the first time as at the time it was difficult to suddenly estimate what the future would hold living life in a different way than I had been used to thus far. However, my first question to the doctor upon knowing about this was that when will I be able to play football again?

What is it like growing up with this disability? Tell us post-surgery how did the things change in your Life?

Life did become different in a way after the incident, but only in how I walked. All else stayed constant. Hence, in that way, not much changed and I did not face many difficulties in the aftermath of the event. Considering I had to undergo hospitalization for two months, nearly half a dozen surgeries, a month of gait training and an engineering examination in college to earn my degree – all in just a matter of a few months – it only had to become easier from thereon and it did.

Not much changed as I said, except that I had to walk on an artificial limb; but thanks to the training I had undertaken, that too was not troublesome. On a lighter note, being the lazy person that I am, I was never very physically active anyway. Hence, not much of my activities were impacted.

We know there could be many things (including people, parents, movies or music) that made you stronger every day. In your case what was it, that motivated you to overcome challenges you faced during this Journey?

You do need support at such times and my parents did support me a lot through this. My mother helped me a lot and it was almost as though she were raising me up again. My father, though not someone who displays too many emotions, always kept the atmosphere light. I had a few friends from college – Neha, Tushar, and Sahil – who were extremely supportive when I went back to college to finish my engineering studies after the surgeries.

A couple of my school friends, Arnnav and Harsh, being fellow Manchester United fans, gave me a lot of support and still often visit my home to watch football matches together and vice-versa. Besides people, other events elsewhere kept me motivated too. Being a football fan, watching my team Manchester United win the league that season (2012-13) with a thunderous goal from Robin Van Persie who had also scored a motivational hat trick earlier against Southampton which I watched while still being treated at the hospital. I was left being inspired by such performances.

Gyan Please Interviews- Yuvraj Singh
With College Friends


How Important was the Support of Your Family?

There are a few people in life whom you never tend to agree with. You constantly keep taunting them regarding everything they do and when they do good/achieve success, you are probably the happiest person on the planet but still do not express it to them. Here, I am referring to my younger brother Kanishka. Imagine, a 17-year-old living all alone in the house with me and my parents away at Delhi and his board examinations coming up in a few months and the biggest debate competition in his life coming up in a week and then going on to win the Best Speaker award in that debate. Sometimes, all you need is to get yourself in the zone, focus on the one thing that you want and forget about everything else. The rest will follow. It has to follow. Where else will it go? This attitude of my younger brother gave me unparalleled happiness and inspiration. You are my inspiration, you are my hero bro!

Have you ever experienced any kind of discrimination because of all these things? Some people may feel uncomfortable around people with disabilities because they’re worried they’ll say the wrong thing. What advice would you give them?

Gyan Please Interviews- Yuvraj Singh
1. Left: Pre Surgery
2. Right: Post Surgery

I have never been discriminated against as far as I can remember, although I do notice people often staring at my right leg which was amputated as the artificial limb looks a bit different. This too only happens when I am wearing shorts. It does get rather awkward at times but I tend to not mind that a lot. I would like people to treat me as an equal – I do not want them to sympathetically think of me as above them and at the same do not undermine my abilities either. I am no different from anyone else.

Your life experience is pretty inspirational in many ways. Not only for the survivors but for me, for every person struggling in life, you are a walking motivation. Is there anything else you’d like to convey to the person facing the same situation? What is your take on Life?

To anyone, undergoing any problem, my simple advice will be to take it as a phase. It will pass and it will only make you stronger. If you can see through it, you would emerge as bolder than before. Quite often, as in my case, the circumstances are not in your control and hence you cannot have regrets over what was never in your control, to begin with. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life and neither do I drink, but still, it happened. Therefore, the ideal measure would be to accept, adapt, adjust and move on. It was hard initially, but I accepted the reality for what it was and tried to adjust and move on. I later gave my banking exams and became a manager in Bank of Baroda. Today, my work keeps me occupied; I am still a food lover and a sports fan; I am living a good life in the company of my family. Nothing has changed. It is how it always was. I just miss playing football.

Gyan Please Interviews- Yuvraj Singh
And the Chase is on! <3

Remember, what has to happen will happen. No one has the power to stop it. It is entirely up to you as to how you deal with it. You can either sit and crib about it or get up and face it by taking it as the challenge which might just help you inspire others. Never take life too seriously.

No one comes out of it alive.

Special Thanks to Mr. Yuvraj Singh for this Interview!

While publishing this I was again speechless but the zeal of this Man made my Day Again!

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