Story of Akash Tripathi, a Messiah powering the lives of Underprivileged Students in Kolkata

Today at Gyan Please we are extremely happy to publish this E-mail Interview of a person who took the light of education to the kids, denied of appropriate training because of monetary constraints and now has turned himself into the motivation for millions of youth in the nation today. We are honored to introduce Mr. Akash Tripathi, currently serving as an inspector in the Central Board of Excise and Customs in Kolkata.

Akash Tripathi

He started his journey from a small village in Uttar Pradesh to accomplish his mission. He teaches now around 300 understudies in a leased classroom in Kolkata that too free of cost. All he wants in return that his students teach their companions and proceed with this holy chain of selflessness.

So, let’s begin the Interview!

Hello, Sir!

Tell us something about yourself and your family background?

I was in class 6 when My dad left farming and moved to Kolkata from his little village in Mirzapur area of Uttar Pradesh to give me and the other three kids, better opportunities. I Recently Visited My Village.

Akash Tripathi in His Village

In the wake of getting an intermediate education from Gyan Bharati Vidyapeeth in Kolkata, I finished graduation from St. Xavier’s College in Mathematics (Hons.). After that completed my MCA Degree from Techno India College Kolkata to clear GATE examination. From that point forward, I got cleared some reputed govt. examinations lastly chose and working for an Inspector post in CBEC division taken after by an IT Inspector job.

I live in Kolkata with my parents and my better half Arpana, a teacher by calling. She encourages me with making lesson arrangements and notes which make stuff less demanding and sorted out. Our family as of late welcomed a new member as Almighty blessed us with a baby boy.

You are now in a prestigious government service and helping needy students but how you managed things to get success, especially when there were only limited resources?

I acted as part-time instructor in a school on a monthly pay of Rs. 2,000 and would take tuitions in my one-room house to cover expenses amid graduation and post-graduation from 2005 to 2010. I might want to pay extraordinary on account of a man, Mr. Indra Mani Shukla, who in those days offered me a free of cost space to take tuitions.

Amid this time, I went to class each morning at six o’clock and used to teach tuitions after returning from there, then awake till late night and study for the competitive exam as my tight timetable didn’t have an extension for whatever other inhabitance in the daytime.

Akash Tripathi Achievements
Akash Tripathi Achievements

Unlike today, I didn’t have access to free resources and online career portals but consistency and determination helped me to sail through but with the help of the internet, things became easier especially on the resources and guidance front. A focused mind, necessary resources for preparation and most importantly a zeal to do a consistent hard work is the key to success.

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People often complain about their financial and family conditions when they fail. Tell us about your struggle and hardships you faced as a student?

My struggle begun in the school days yet my resolve and confidence for a reason gave me the inspiration to fight on each issue and accomplish the objectives.

Because of the low family wages, circumstances were not very great for me from the start. In school, the school Secretary helped me with the fee by paying himself and in college, the principal deferred half of the expenses as I could oversee just other portion of it. I neither had fine clothes, footwear or any companions yet that turned into my character, my quality, my inspiration to work significantly harder.

From that point onward, I didn’t have everything of charges to finish my MCA, yet there was dependably a zeal in my mind to accomplish something noteworthy in life and it was inconceivable without finishing the studies. In any case, it was difficult at all for me as there was a need for a handsome amount of cash to proceed with the examination, so I brought home tuitions to correct this money related void.

How do you see your journey of becoming a torchbearer from an ordinary boy living in Kolkata?

Honestly, things have become quite changed actually. Not as far as my or my family’s living status however in the terms of obligations. When I was a kid the concentration was just to enhance the state of my family and to accomplish something good. As time passed the criteria of this attitude got an extension and rather than my family, I began pondering such a variety of other individuals like me who couldn’t do well in light of comparative circumstances that I confronted in my teenage. I have now the duty of an entire specific group as opposed to supporting a solitary family.

When did a noble thought of starting a free coaching actually surface in your mind?

Aksh Tripathi in Class
Aksh Tripathi in Class
Akash Tripathi in Class
Akash Tripathi in Class

Individuals helped me a great deal while my struggle period and the same gave me the quality to pass on this demonstration of benevolence to who and what is to come. Despite everything, I recollect those days when I was in college and used to teach poor in spare time. Young students in and around my leased home in Bada Bazar came to me with their questions. Continuously the number grew to touch the 4-digit mark.

Akash Tripathi in Class

In the meantime, remembering a resolve that Knowledge must be free and available to all, no one should struggle the way I have. Indeed, even today I am keeping a similar promise. The main distinction is that I am not anymore alone and numerous other individuals are now a part of my old initiative, which turned out to be currently a Campaign to give free education to poor and underprivileged.

In this busy world when people don’t have even time for their own family how do you manage time to play three different roles (i.e. a Govt. servant, an educator and a family person) at one go?

What I personally feel is life is actually not that busy. It offers enough time to all of us but mostly it’s we who are unable to channelize it. So, here Time Management is the Key.

I don’t involve myself in useless gossips because it has no outputs at the end of the day. I see many people wasting their precious time on political and religious issues but none of them is ready to understand that these things are not in our control. What we can do is, simply improve ourselves and put the same effort in some positive direction with enough hard work.
Trust me you all will feel way more satisfied than draining your time and energy in such fruitless discussions.

 Any special incidence that changed your life completely?

For me, not a single incident, but many incidences impacted my life. During my struggling phase, every single hurdle had some wisdom within that I still realize sometimes. All of these hardships inspired me to do something positive for society. Almost every single time when I see an unprivileged student I see myself in him/her. That gives me courage and inspiration to pay back the society possibly as much I can.

akash tripathi gyan please
With Unprivileged Kids

If we want to change the nation then first we need to change ourselves, our family, and our society. After that only we can expect this nation to be changing.

 Behind every successful person are many people who stood by during ambiguous times when they were merely a ‘struggler’. Would you like to tell the readers, who were/was those people in your case?

There are so many people who helped me to reach in this position. My Parents are the biggest support system of my life, especially my father. Their sacrifices and hardships made me whatever people think I am today. After them, many people have their own significance in my life.

My then school Secretary Shri Jagmohan Bagla, St. Xavier College’s principal, my relatives Nisha Dubey and Dilip Pandey and finally my friend Mohammed Ali who lend me money for books are the biggest helping hands in this journey. Had these people not been there, it would have been impossible for me to reach here.

Through this mix of struggle and triumph, what have you learned?

“The Show Must Go On”

akash tripathi gyanplease

A considerable lot of my companions and students are opening such teaching centers in their area in different urban areas on similar lines. I urge my students to chip away at different social segments, particularly the understudies from the ghettos. I encourage them to spread the knowledge they are gaining here.

In the wake of catching wind of my initiative, as of late many officers including IPS Anand Mishra recently visited my students to inspire them.

What is the wisdom of life and competition?

I believe congruities and difficulties run one next to the other. First and foremost, a few examinations brought about disappointment, however, in the wake of attempting wholeheartedly over and over success at last came and cleared numerous examinations from the endowments of the older folks.

Begun with the assistant in the Ministry of Defense, then as an inspector for the IT Department and lastly posted as the Inspector in the Department of Excise and Customs, in Kolkata. In any case, in the meantime, in this life, there is a craving to enhance the life of needy in our society.

Have you planned any social endeavors for future on the same lines?

Future cannot be predicted and I personally believe in actions. I will help our society to the best of my capacity at least as long as I can. For the time being, we run plantation and cleanliness drive along with my students from time to time.

A Free module is designed for competitive exams, which can be downloaded for free. With the assistance of my students and companions, we likewise convey free books to poor and needy.

What message would Akash Tripathi like to convey to the youth struggling with their goal, especially those who faced failures repeatedly?

A rumor is doing the rounds everywhere that for success Coachings are must. All of you reading it let me tell you it’s not true. Coachings may have an upper hand in terms of guidance for a particular examination but in the end, it’s you. The students are the one who makes it possible. Cutting the long chase short, High fee coachings are no guarantee for the success but a focused preparation marinated with hard work is.

I might want to tell each of the applicants preparing for the job oriented exams; Do not feel uncouth in light of monetary and in addition other resource limitations; Identify your qualities and get involved. All obstructions will be expelled from the way and success will be yours sooner or later.

The First Step to the success starts with Faith! Have It!

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